McInnes 'baffed' by bizarre sack speculation

The Dons were forced into making a statement on Wednesday night to shoot down baseless gossip sweeping across social media.

The bizarre episode even saw bookmakers Ladbrokes – the Scottish Premiership’s title sponsor – release a story through their PR firm announcing they had suspended betting on McInnes leaving the Reds after receiving a flurry of wagers.

It then took a fresh twist when Ladbrokes immediately made McInnes favourite to replace Scotland boss Gordon Strachan.

But the 44-year-old is adamant that he is going nowhere – and blasted the conduct of the Scottish Professional Football League’s main backer.

He told a press conference: “I was a bit baffled by the whole thing to be honest. You start to get phone calls from press guys and you soon realise something is gathering a bit of momentum.

“But I really was baffled by it. When you look back on it in the cold light of day, then people have got to have a responsibility to act better.

“What can you do to stop it? Social media is what it is. I’m from a generation that is not involved in it.

“But I think for the main sponsors to be involved in instigating a lot of it is disappointing. They have a responsibility to work with clubs as the main sponsor and not work against clubs and managers.

“This is me talking about this today but it could be another manager next week. There have been other managers who have been put under pressure unnecessarily. The job is difficult enough. It is something which isn’t helpful.”

Source: The National