Be Part Of A Cup Final Video

Last updated : 06 March 2014 By Stand Free Ed

The strange chaps at FitbaThatba have put together a cup final song which is likely to delight, entertain and annoy in equal measure, and they want YOU to be part of the video.

All you need is you, your smartphone and a bit of paper and a pen.

Simply record yourself holding a message of support for the Dons for 5 seconds then send it to FitbaThatba at by this Saturday evening and they may use you in the vid.

You may even appear alongside some very famous ex-Dons and celeb supporters...

If you've struggled to understand these words, here are some moving pictures of one of the FitbaThatba loons explaining it better:

Oh, and check out the FitbaThatba site and YouTube channel as well - it's funnier than what's happened to Rangers*!



*nothing is that funny but it's still pretty f*cking funny