Huns Preview Fae the Red Side

Nah f*ck it, let' did thon chutney ferret Noel Coward ken aboot fitba onyway.

Well if you were to ask a hun that just now the answer would probably be 'mair than that useless chunt McLeish onyway'. Yep, currently the odds on Agent Orange/Ginger Judas the First retaining his grip on his position till the end of the season are slimmer than yer average anorexic's shadow.

It's not he's a bad manager IMO ...indeed anywhere outside Govan his record would have lead to his deification, but in Govan where winning things is seen as a divine right the arrogant SOB's are set to lynch him.

Older Red fans may recall when we turned on the strategically shaved babboon that was Alex Smiff we were panned and abused in the press (and Chick Young still f*ckin bangs on about it) yet there is no similar abuse for the evil Blue Minions turning on a guy who (ok luckily) lead them to a title 6 months earlier.....Weegia in double standards shocker..who'd have thought it eh?

So it's all set for us to deliver the coup de grace and finally bring an end of his Ibrox know just like we were gaunnae do before thon Tin Pot Cup game last year.

Aye so forgive me for not bein 100% confident that for the first time in 14 years we'll win at Snake Mountain. Note - not f*ckin 'Castle Greyskull' - that was He-Man's gaff....though Russ does look a bit like Prince Adam (aka He-Man), though admittedly you do require some top grade LSD and to squint really badly to see the likeness (80's Moralising Cartoon Pendant ASC).

To be honest we'll probably need all the power o Greyskull to get a result as well, for as truly bad as the shower Eck is fielding (and Prso aside they are truly piss poor) are we're a bitty ropey oorsels just now, the comic cuts blunders and errors we thought we had left in the boot o that motor wi Pele are once again resurfacing...frustrating that teams arenae beating us - we're doing it for them..whether it's Zander doin his best Toni K impression or Esson doin a brutally realistic Tony Warner-alike. I've mostly followed the Reds this year via the wireless and the phrase 'And Esson parries it' has that gloom inducing fell to it as you know it's gonna be followed by ' (insert opposing striker)'.

Yep, we're out of sorts so sadly I feel come 5pm on Saturday we'll be pissed off and depressed.

As for the other stuff well the only predicatble thing about Saturday is that the Huns on a certain website will accuse the travelling Reds of some heinous crime against humanity....sorry that should be huninanity. Remember the outrage of 'Aeroplanes at Reyna' and the subsequent inquiry by Strathclyde Polis and both clubs only to discover no evidence whatsoever bar one guy rasing his arms to sing 'Stand Free'...throw in 'Whos that Lyin in the Stairwell'...thon classic Red Army tune none of us have ever sang.

Anyway time to dig oot the auld Heed-Heart-Arse predictor fae its temporary sabbatical.

Heed - The Huns by 2 either 2-0 or 3-1 in all probability.

Heart - Naturally enough 6-0 the Reds (Crawford hattrick).

And the bowels of fate? Well they agree wi the heed sadly - yet another Brox defeat.

This was a 10-15 years ago whilst this wasn't the biggest it was the most important fixture in the land as it had almost always decided the title winners (May 11th 1991 urrggh) bookend with ritualistic tribal aggro before and after the game well and during the game as well if you went anywhere near the piestands. Now for a variety it's a very pale shadow of its former not least cos we've been utter shite for almost a generation now...which is a shame in my book for t'was bloody good fun at times....though winning 3-0 and having a lynch mob of 5000+ waiting for you outside didn't necessarily feel so at the time.

Like Keegan I would love just love if we beat them I just have the sneaky feeling that once again we'll be goin the same way as KK did after that legendary outburst.

The Red Avenger