Aberdeen-Mad's Wednesday Rant - 11 March 2009

Last updated : 11 March 2009 By Stand Free Ed

Drawn a Blank

I'm totally confused. And it's all thanks to Jimmy Calderwood.

If, and I must stress IF, Aberdeen get to the Scottish Cup final this season, we will have faced no club higher than around bottom of the SPL en route. Nobody could complain that we haven't had a fortuitous cup draw.

Yet there are no jumps for joy at avoiding the big teams any more, after (and I don't mean to dwell on this) defeats to Queens Park and Queen of the South, struggles against lower-league teams and horsings from similar-sized rivals in past cup runs under Jimmy's charge.

Yet this time last season we beat Celtic at Parkhead in our glorious run to humiliation.

Absolutely nothing is being taken for granted in Aberdeen's city and shire - we believe we can beat anyone and lose to anyone - you don't get much fairer than that.

Jimmy has spoken of fans' expectations at Pittodrie. But the only thing we expect now is the unexpected, so we had better start expecting to lose... or would that cancel it out... er... um... oh, forget it. Come on you Reds.

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