The Scotsman SPL Fanzone Article Remixed - 1 October 2008


For the fans of the long running Aberdonian soap Tango and Sash, Saturday's plot twist was as predictable as Harold and Madge falling out over a baking contest in Neighbours.

That the upcoming storylines will no doubt involve grinding out results in the next few games, rising up the table to cries of 'Crisis? What Crisis?' will come as no surprise to regular viewers, as our eponymous Cuprinol Coated Anti-Hero has had more last-second death-defying escapes than Batfink over the last four tedious seasons.

There is no denying Saturday was a much improved performance from Wednesday's episode (including a cameo from Bertrand the Clown) but it will take more than a valiant but in every sense pointless display at Parkhead to win back those lost viewers.

For whilst the star of the show and his Executive Producer Willie Miller will continue to dismiss any critics of the show with the tired cliches of expectation.

What the fans of the show are saying is, to paraphrase my fellow Aberdonian Kurt Cobain: "Here we are now! Entertain us!"

And if an entertaining episode is not forthcoming soon (ideally against Hibs), even if we win, more and more of them will do what the Why Don't You? gang exhorted them to do years ago and switch off the television set and do something less boring instead .