The Scotsman SPL Fanzone Article Remixed - 22 October 2008


A rumour swept the city last week that Calderwood had two games left to save his job. So does Saturday's victory mean Calderwood has removed the noose he put round his own neck?

No, especially as it was due in large part to Stevie Lovell doing a 'Stars in Their Eyes' and saying: "This afternoon Yogi, I'm going to be...Darren Mackie!"

For the first time this season Calderwood span his Tactical Tombola and came up with a formation that left the Reds in attendance baffled. Was it a 4-4-2? Was it a 3-5-2? Or was it just 11 blokes randomly positioned on a field?

The baffling formation and tactics did little to change the opinion that watching the Dons under Calderwood has become a tiresome obligation rather than the pleasurable distraction it should be.

Calderwood has a top four squad at his disposal, he has been given the backing from his board, which makes it all the more infuriating that he's made such a pigs ear of the relatively easy start we were given. Our current woes and the fan discontent are therefore all of his own making .

So whilst we're glad the losing streak is finally over and will be grateful for the three points come May, for many Dons fans Saturday's victory was viewed as not so much papering over the cracks as attempting to Polyfilla the Grand Canyon.