AFC Announce Increased Loss

In the annual report released last night, AFC reported losses of £1.439m for the period ended 30 June 2013; an increase on the £1.365m for the previous year.

The club also announced a drop in turnover of nearly half a million; from £8.337m to £7.85m.

Despite this, wages increased from £5.018m to £5.256m, demonstrating that Milne refuses to make cuts in the player budget despite the hard times.

Milne does not believe that reducing the quality of player available to the manager is the right way to go about bringing the club back to where it should be in terms of both success on the pitch and financial footing.

He said: "Achieving continuing improvement in our first team results on a more consistent basis will be the most significant factor in turning around the fortunes of AFC in the longer term.

"On behalf of the Board I can assure supporters, sponsors and everyone with an interest in the well-being of AFC we are 100% committed to delivering long overdue success."

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