Cock-ups, A Semi, A Hard One And Briefs

TODAY saw much hilarity when the Diddy Cup and Diddy Parliament combined to produce the most bungled cup draw involving only four teams ever.

The Reds were initially drawn to play the Glesgae Currants at Hampden, but only a few hours later it turned out we were heading to Lithuania to play the Saudis.

F*ck knows what it'll be by the time we wake up tomorrow - at this rate we will have to play ICT again (see yesterday's match review...).

But assuming that it is Barry Robson's One-man Army we are playing, that is a tough draw - well, tougher than playing Hearts anyway.

Tango's record against Craig Leaving is as enviable as his record in cup competitions, but with two negatives mathematically making a positive we have reached the final where we will play Rangers.

Assuming they get the draw for the final right.

The other big and completely surprising news today was that the Red Army and Rope Sqaad allocation for the Madrid game is 3000, which I assume one of the in-the-dark-stabbers on the messageboard got spot on and will be claiming to be some kind of mystical soothsayer.

The club holds out hopes of getting another 1100 briefs for the clash, but judging by the lack of fervour emitting Atletic-wards my guess is that there'll be mair like 11,000 spares on the day.

Still, if it means a couple of our dedicated boys in suits can go on another 'fact-finding' mission to beautiful Madrid to seek out extra tickets, then I'm sure they will do their best for us.

Although it may take some time...

Stand Free Ed