God Now Slams...er...Us!

ABERDEEN legend and Director of Football Willie Miller has followed up his blast at "irresponsible journalism" by rounding on fans websites and messageboards.

This latest rant from the Dons hero is still related to the misreporting of team boss Jimmy Calderwood's imminent departure from his post.

Miller attacked fans internet websites and messageboard forums, such as Aberdeen-Mad's hugely popular Stand Free messageboard, where hundreds of genuine supporters debate their club's fortunes on a daily basis.

Most are run by fans in their spare time for little or no profit, and are regarded by most clubs as an important part of modern football society.

By contrast, media outlets such as Sky Sports and TalkSport are run for profit, populated by salaried reporters who are not football fans first and foremost, and report news stories sometimes based on mere rumours to generate viewers, listeners and readers.

However Miller believes that the fans forums could have been responsible for Saturday's media error despite no evidence of this whatsoever.

He said: "We live in an age where internet chat sites come up with dozens of rumours every single day, the vast majority of which are total rubbish, and I would not be at all surprised if that is where this one originated from."

It wasn't us, God.