McGhee Fumes At Red

Aberdeen boss Mark McGhee has again reacted to yet another dreadful piece of officiating that saw his team go down to ten men.

Gary McDonald headed home Charlie Mulgrew's corner midway through the second-half but the midfielder immediately received a second yellow card and was ordered off.

Blundering referee Crawford Allan issued the punishment because McDonald lifted the front of his shirt over his head to celebrate the equaliser. That's it.

And McGhee is furious at the ridiculous ruling that means McDonald will now miss the game with Rangers on Saturday.

McGhee said: "The sending-off was ludicrous. I mean he's not even taken his jersey off, he has lifted it over his head.

"I thought he had to take his jersey off to be booked and he lifted it over his head and tapped his belly because his wife is expecting."

"I think the ref will argue that he is interpreting the rules but that can't be right. It's just ridiculous.

"Getting sent off for something like that makes a mockery of the game."

Even expert waver Jim Gannon believes the rules surrounding celebrations should be changed.

The Well boss said: "It's a shame [players] have to contain their emotions in such situations."

The irony of Gary McDonald being at the centre of attention the first game after Aberdeen-Mad had been emphasising his 'invisible man' status has not been lost on us at Aberdeen-Mad Towers, and we are having Waatson's and Cokes with our humble pie, cheers.

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