McInnes Attacks Brown And Media

Bitter Brown watched from the manager's dugout as his second team, Dundee, were inevitably relegated following a desperately poor season - then blamed an Aberdeen player for the Dark Blues' plight.

McInnes said: "To lay the consequences of Dundee's relegation - and people losing their jobs, at Peter Pawlett's door is bang out of order."

McInnes has also questioned the Glasgow media's coverage of the penalty incident in that game which, despite being no more dubious than several other incidents over the weekend, led to a sinister witch-hunt against multiple injury victim Peter Pawlett.

"I'll be looking out to see if there is the same outrage and comment about players from incidents like that in the future," said McInnes.

The new gaffer could easily have stayed quiet on this matter, but to his credit has shown that he will not stand by while his new club and players are unfairly treated by large sections of the media.