McInnes Tells Johnston To Rap Up

Last updated : 07 January 2014 By Stand Free Ed

The whining from the Kilmarnock boss, whose club regularly bend over to any whim from Celtic and The Rangers (aka Sevco), has been deafening following the obvious foul from goalscoring tanker Boyd.

Johnston said: "If you're going to give free-kicks for that, you would be stopping play every two seconds. Boydy just simply outmuscled him and it's a great finish after that.

"The ref felt it was an unfair challenge but it looked a definite fair challenge to me as it did the majority of the crowd from their reaction.

"It's a big moment and refs have got to get these decisions right because it changes games."

But McInnes believes referee Craig Charleston was correct to rule out the first-half effort, which was dinked into the net after every player other than Boyd had stopped due to the referee's whistle loudly blowing.

McInnes said: “It’s a foul every day of the week. If Kris Boyd uses a shoulder, it’s different.

“It wasn’t a shove but there was an arm on Russell Anderson’s back. Kris leaned a bit early and it was a foul. I can understand why Kilmarnock are frustrated but for me it was a free-kick.”