Smoking Ban Hits Pittodrie

Last updated : 12 January 2006 By Stand Free Ed
Aberdeen FC have announced that along with the majority of football stadia in Scotland, including the country's three largest, Pittodrie Stadium will introduce a total smoking ban in March.

The home of the Dons joins pubs, clubs and football stadiums including Hampden, Ipox and Parkhead in banning smoking in all areas, enabling matches to be played in a completely smoke free atmosphere. The ban, which follows the lead of the Scottish Executive in prohibiting smoking in enclosed public places, comes into force on March 26. However it is debatable how much of an "enclosed public place" an open football stadium is.

Pittodrie operations manager John Morgan told RedWeb: "Thousands of football fans go through the doors of Pittodrie over the course of the year and, as a sports stadium, it is only correct that we promote a positive health message by fully supporting the lead given by the Scottish Executive."

Regular visitors to Aberdeen-Mad will be relieved to hear that the Stand Free messageboard will remain a smoking venue unless food is being served.