Latest Dons News

There are reports today that Stevie Tosh is next on Jimmy Calderwood's list for a contract extension. This follows on from news that Darren Mackie is looking to extend his stay at Pittodrie and that Calderwood has not given up on keeping Markus Heikkinen at Aberdeen for a little longer than expected.

The Tosh news is perhaps a little untimely, as it could be argued (and is in various Aberdeen pubs!) that Stevie is not at the top of his form at the moment, only appearing in matches sporadically and having an annoying tendency to frequently give the ball away. However, he is far from an "Andy Dow" one-season wonder for the Dons, and his usefulness and ability certainly merits a new contract.

The weekend's victory and move up the table was slightly marred by some classic lazy journalism only to be expected from our local newspapers. The "Severin to Leicester" story was badly timed and will doubtless prove to be ridiculous. Why would Leicester pay a transfer fee when they are in financial trouble? Why would Levein want a player he let leave Hearts for free in summer? Why would Sev want to join a manager that dumped him? Why would he want to give up the chance of UEFA Cup football? The questions are endless, and the only answer can be money. But these stories always surface when a manager moves, and I suppose it keeps the reporters busy so no harm done.

However, I will sing with Andy Cameron in the centre circle at Ibrox if Sev moves to Leicester this season.