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ABERDEEN fans are being urged to get behind a campaign for supporters to have the right to stand at SPL football matches.

At the upcoming Dons match on Nov 27th at Kilmarnock, the Red Army 12 supporters' group will be displaying a huge banner in support of this campaign.

The same message will be shown by fans of other SPL clubs on the same weekend at their respective matches.

If you you would to help with making this banner on Tuesday 23rd November, or would like to help on the day then please email

A Red Army 12 spokesman said: "This campaign has been brought together by fans of various SPL teams.

"We, as football fans, would like to have the choice to stand or sit at SPL matches.

"We believe that there is a demand for being allowed to stand during football matches and want a common sense solution.

"At a time in Scottish football when attendances are dropping, atmospheres dying and ticket prices rising we believe change is needed to bring fans and atmosphere back.

"We want to see dedicated safe-standing areas introduced at SPL grounds, as well as areas for fans who wish to sit."

If you want to support this then please sign this petition and join the facebook group.



The petition, along with petitions from other SPL fans, will be forwarded to SPL chief Neil Doncaster in February 2011.


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