Supporters Prepare For Banner Unveiling

Last updated : 01 January 2013 By Stand Free Ed

It was announced at the beginning of October 2012 on Aberdeen Mad that a group of Aberdeen supporters had joined forces with AFC Heritage to create a historic (and massive) banner.

Aberdeen Mad regular The Red Pimpernel approached AFC Heritage's Chris Gavin with the idea that Dolly Digital would design a banner to fill an 80ft-wide gap on the RDS - an idea that was embraced by the club.

To help raise cash for the banner and the charitable trust AFC Heritage, the organisers asked everyone associated with the club to sign the banner, organising two open days and fans and AFC luminaries queued up to donate and add their scribe to the huge flag.

And tomorrow the banner will finally be officially unveiled before the anticipated bumper crowd for the Aberdeen vs Dundee Utd New Year's fixture.


We spoke to co-organiser Mark Elrick about his feelings before the big day.

"This has been a project that never seemed to end," he said. "After all the 'cloak and dagger' stuff and teasers posted on social media I'm happy to finally see it on the RDS.

"I can't wait for fans to get to see it on 2nd January, and know that they played their part and their signature is up there, as a part of Pittodrie. I hope everyone likes the banner, that's the next nervy moment!"

Mark is kee, to thank a few people for their efforts. "Apologies if I forget people or only mention them in their user/twitter names," he says.

"Chris Gavin of AFC Heritage gave use creative freedom and offered the opportunity to have the open day. It needs mentioned that everyone at the club has been approachable and supportive, particularly Gordon Ritchie.

"TRP has been instrumental in getting this project up and running. Dolly designed the banner but if it wasn't for Sue this would never have happened.

"Along with Sue, RedBeaM and Kyle from Cycling Away have attended both banner signings," continues Mark. :Dedge77 and Alan Tasker helped promote the events by handing out flyers and posters.

"Aberdeen Mad and Northsound have also done an amazing job supporting and promoting this project. Also, thanks to everyone that retweeted and shared on social media.

"Without wanting to do a Paltrow, I'd like to thank God. If it wasn't for him, Di Stefano wouldn't have felt the need to speak so highly of our club."

Head down to Pittodrie tomorrow to see your banner in person, and spur the Dons on to victory over Dundee Utd!