The Great 'Aiberdeen Obsessive Losers' (AOL) Debate

Last updated : 18 January 2006 By Stand Free Ed
Now I dinna ken if you seen those AOL (aye the real een) adverts wi a voice over by John Hurt assessing the Pro and Cons of t'Internet in seperate adverts....well never eens tae miss a passing bandwagon or nick a pretty decent idea (for a pretty shitey own opinion nae Ed's, just on the off chance those litigous Yankee tosspots are reading this) about a wee debate aboot the Pros and Cons o the internet regarding fitba fans here on Stand Free?

The Pros

1. Freedom o Speech n'at

Once upon a time fitba fans could only read about the clubs in the papers and the information they got was pretty much dependant on the hack in question and invariably contained their ain prejudices and agendas...then along came fanzines and changed a'thing but still they were influenced pretty much by the editor of said fanzines' agenda and prejudices.

These days thanks to the advent of message boards every fan has a medium to express their unedited (except in exceptional circumstances) opinions on the God Like Geniuses/Useless f*ckin haddies involved wi their sides....a good thing even if occasionally you have to put up wi the meandering waffling keech of balding 'Drug Taking Football Hooligans' as my ex-boss once described me (unaware I was in the toilet cubicle behind him hoovering some Bolivan marchin pooder up ma not insignifacant hooter at the time...I was made redundant 6 months after that..coincidence??).

2. Organisin Stuff

Undoubtedly been a boon for the organiser of fans' groups..nae phoning round a'bidy, just loup the details on a message board and Bob's yer uncle Fanny's yer aunt or summat. Nae in the RU but I dare say their job organisin displays has been greatly assisted by the advent of the net...

This however has also lead to one of the more endearing tabloid myths..Yep the "Fitba Hooligans organising violence on the Net Shocker" beloved o the Hunday Mail and Retard...a rather absurd concept where people intending to break the law provide the time and details of their law breaking for the benefit of the Police...Do muggers post "Dear Sir I intend to mug you on King Street at 7.30 on Tuesday..PS Bring heaps o cash"..nah. Suggestions that Anderson Quay is manned by strategically shaved Orang-u-tangs would appear to be not far from the mark...

3. Fan Culture

Dinna worry the Cliche Police have been phoned and are on their way but many a gag, song, mildly amusing attachment/jpeg etc have started and been spread by the net and provided at least 2 seconds of hearty chuckling...on balance then a good thing.

Err I cannae think of any more 'Pro's'...well 'cept doon the docks but we'll leave them tae Gordon Bennet and move onto...

The Cons

1. 'I've heard from a reliable source..'

99% of the time the 'source' in question is some pissed up bloke in a pub who once saw Willie Miller in M+S wi a Chicken Tikka Salad he'll be ITK on the ins and outs at Todders eh? Sure once in a while they are genuine and hit the nail on the head but mair often than not are mindless specualtion....not knockin any other sites but this is the gist of the message board mill on certain Reds sites.

2. 'I saw Darren Mackie pissed..'

Again I'm picking on the standard fare of another site's message board but this sorta guff really gets ma thrupenny bits. Christ who would have thought it - Young Scottish Males wi disposable income goin oot after their weeks finished and getting rat arsed and acting like an arse....Jings Crivens Help ma boab...haud the f*ckin front page..what a f*ckin shocker eh? So fucking what. As long as their nae buggering goats on Union Street, secretly fundin Al Queda or involved in kiddie porn I couldnae give a f*ckin rats ass what our players get up to once their off the park and think anyone who does needs to get a life pronto... Save me 'they're professional atheletes' shite n'aw ...aye they are and it's their bodies, what they choose to put into it or put it into is their business nae mine and while we're at it save me 'oh they're role models'...anyone who uses professional fitballers as role models needs to seek psychiatric help immediatley in ma humble opinion. END OF RANT.

3. Trolling

I shan't delay you too much on this one I shall just point you towards the Pikeys and Dumbos contributions to the message board here...should be self explanatory. Of course trolling by Dandies thats ok...I mean we bring a wit and intellect to it that's on a plane above yer average Pikey/Dumbo troller...naturally (tongue firmly in cheek).

Anyway I can't be arsed wracking what remains of the grey matter thinkin up ony mair pros or cons but I'm sure ma fellow Dandies can provide further example of both on the message board.

Aye thats a hint that YOU...aye YOU should maybe put up some o yer pet peeves/pleasures on the message board like.

Stand Free, Forza Dandies etc etc

The Red Avenger