Monday Musings

Last updated : 15 February 2010 By The Stooge

Unsurprisingly, the team selection controversy stirred up by the west coast tabloids turned out to be nothing more than a cheap attempt to disrupt Mark McGhee’s preparations before Saturday.

Most in the north east greeted the ludicrous accusations with a shrug of the shoulders, this type of claptrap always rears its head when either of the ugly sisters visit; see countless regurgitated articles on “that” tackle when the other half come calling.

Anyone who has watched Aberdeen this season knows any concept of a best eleven is misguided anyway, consistency has not been our strength and McGhee has voiced concerns about the limitations of his pack on several occasions.

He’ll have no complaints this weekend though as the players gave a galvanized, fighting performance, peppered with goals of considerable quality, and earned a valuable point that firmly shut the yaps of those who questioned the gaffer’s integrity.

More of the same required against Raith, boys!

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