Paton Poppy Shirt Charity Auction

Last updated : 04 March 2010 By Stand Free Ed

SERVING member of the Royal Air Force, Brian Taylor is calling on Aberdeen-Mad to help him raise much needed funds for some great causes!

Over to Sgt Taylor:

My name is Sergeant Brian Taylor and I have been serving in the Royal Air Force for the last twenty years as a Weapons Technician. I am currently employed at RAF Kinloss on the Nimrod aircraft. 

For the last few years, since 2000, I have been raising funds; to date raised just under £35,000! I have helped the Royal Air Force Association, Cash for Kids and most recently The Jamie Samson Memorial Fund. The RAFA is for serving airmen and past members of the RAF who are experiencing difficulties. Cash for Kids was a children’s charity based in Aberdeen who support children’s projects in the Aberdeen area. The Jamie Samson Memorial Fund was set up after a young boy aged 2 went for a sleep on the day of his sister’s birthday and never awoke. The money raised goes into research into why Unexplained Infant Death occurs and also to help with projects in Fife .

I am sure you are well aware of the job the Armed Forces are doing around the world and the devastating effects it has on their families and friends. Royal Air Forces Association are a  charity which helps these families and friends and gives money to research rehabilitation techniques. We have a couple of recent casualties in my particular trade, Bomb Disposal, and personal friends who have been seriously injured. So as you can imagine these charities close to my heart.

I am having an online charity auction and one of the items is Michael Paton's signed Remembrance Day poppy shirt. Had a few bids now so any help would be appreciated.

Also there is other items possibly of interest to some people.

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