Scotsman Fanzone 6 April

Last updated : 13 April 2011 By Stand Free Ed


Tempting though it is to do a season review now that the Dons' SPL campaign has fizzled out, I'll save it considering there are in fact seven unbearable weeks to go.

Actually, saying the Dons have fizzled out erroneously suggests there has been fizz in the first place, when our season has been more like a balloon: fully-inflated with potential for a few short hours on the opening day of the season, then gradually deflating into a feeble, shrivelled-up bladder before the useless, flaccid remains were found behind a sofa some months later. OK, not brilliant but you get the picture.

It certainly says a lot about our players that septuagenarian Craig Brown could muster more energy chasing John Boyle up the tunnel Benny Hill-style than they could for most of Saturday afternoon, but this comical diversion was transient. Roll on the cup semi.

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