Scotsman Fanzone - 15 Dec 2010

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A rather complicated weekend for Dons fans. Let me explain. We were humiliated at Tynecastle by a team who should be our close rivals but are currently a class apart from our ramshackle bunch, and the scoreline of 5-0 to Hearts is arguably, pound for pound, more embarrassing than getting humbled 9-0 by a club several times the size of ours in terms of finances.

The complication arises when we fans try to play the post-pumping blame game. Sack the manager! No, he's gone and his replacement starts on Monday. Sack the board! Pointless shout, and at least they've attempted a fix in the past fortnight. Sack the players! Well, we know they've been awful, but we're relying on the new manager to do a silk purse/sow's ear job on them to save our season.

So the summary? A frustrated 'meh'.

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