Scotsman Fanzone — 16 December 2009

Last updated : 16 December 2009 By The Stooge

Aberdeen-Mad invades the Scotsman


Saturday was a textbook example of everything that is wrong with Scottish football.

Every week games are overshadowed by inept officials and on Saturday pretty much every decision was wrong, both for and against us. Blatant fouls missed, minor indiscretions pulled up immediately and no consistency. The flow of the game was constantly disrupted by nit-picking.

Our performance was as toothless and inefficient as the bad old days. We did start brightly and Pawlett going off didn’t help but we were absolute garbage for about 70 minutes. Hamilton meanwhile deserved as little from the game as we did. Dirty and time-wasting from the seventh minute, they contributed nothing of note and we gifted them two goals.

Plus it was freezing and there was no atmosphere no thanks to a pitiful away support in double-figures only.

Another victory for Scottish football.


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