Scotsman Fanzone — 30 December 2009

Last updated : 30 December 2009 By Stand Free Ed

Aberdeen-Mad invades the Scotsman


Normally, I would try and squeeze a brief review of the Dons' year into this wee box, but so much has happened in 2009 that it would overspill into other teams' Fanzone areas. So scrap that — let's ask the club for a couple of New Year’s resolutions.

Firstly, can the players try and resolve to stay on the pitch for a full 90 minutes? OK, there’s been some bad refereeing, but they have to be smarter and avoid red cards.

And the Pittodrie board — put your hand in your pocket please. With points rarer than Paisley gritters near the end of the year, one thing is certain — Mark McGhee must recruit some players in January to act as a plaster over the gaping wounds in the team, before performing serious surgery in the summer of 2010.

Happy New Year!


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