Scotsman Fanzone - February 24th 2010

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One of the clichés currently being used by the more level-headed in the Dons support is 'transitional season'. As in, this is a transitional season while the new manager beds in, imparts his philosophy and replaces the previous boss's players with his own men. Hey, there will be ups and downs, but next season is the time to judge.

There's a lot of sense in this, but supporting a fitba club ain't renowned for calm, measured contemplation. For example, as the third Falkirk goal hit the back of the net in a game the SPL's bottom team thoroughly merited victory, even the most serene and patient Dons supporters were either gut-wrenchingly depressed or spitting blood.

OK, there have been highs such as the Celtic fightback and wins over Rangers and at Tynecastle. But another cliché rears its head here: you are only as good as your last result. And even in transitional seasons, the fans are expected to put hand in pocket to watch a team that is more likely to be woeful than brilliant, and it's no surprise that several are asking why they should have to.


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