Scotsman Fanzone - March 3rd 2010

Last updated : 03 March 2010 By Jannie Versace


IT WOULD be oh so easy to launch into the players, the management, the board, rant about crisis and rave about catastrophe. But no, that's best left to the press, rival fans and certain sections of our support, who seem to be doing an admirable job already.

Yes, Pittodrie resembles a morgue with a rutted tattie field in its middle, featuring 11 players who look as if they haven't a care in the world. Yes, the football is diabolical. 

Most agreed in August McGhee must be given time in what is a transitional season.

Those same fans are now up in arms because of recent horrific results. The man deserves a chance to turn it around and should be given it, so roll on the summer and next season.

No-one really believes we'll be drawn into a relegation scrap ... do they?  


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