The Scotsman SPL Fanzone Article Remixed - 15 October 2008


When Jimmy Calderwood said: "As for the fans, one problem we have is that some of them still think we should be up there with the giants", it was probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said about Kilmarnock and Hamilton.

For beyond the anger and frustration of a support whose side is on the second-longest losing streak in its history and propping up the SPL, there's a degree of relative calmness amongst Reds.

We've been through enough of these slumps to know we'll eventually come out of it and, woeful as we are, we're still only 6 points away from where we expect to be come May.

However, that after five years our manager can be so spectacularily ignorant about his own support's expectations only underlines why for many even winning will not be enough to save him.

All we've ever wanted from him is a side we can go into work on Monday and boast and brag about, not the dysfunctional rabble we've had to date.

If Calderwood fails to grasp that this is what is expected of him, then like three of his four predecessors he should expect to be 'mutually consented' come November.