The Scotsman SPL Fanzone Article Remixed — 16 September 2009

Last updated : 16 September 2009 By Stand Free Ed
Aberdeen-Mad invades the Scotsman


Hang on — four weeks into the season, and the Dons have been on live telly twice... that can't be right?

After Monday's game, you'd expect Aberdeen to be back on the screen soon enough, because despite the 0-0 scoreline there was plenty going on — it was end-to-end, we had two Lee Miller headers cleared off the line and a superb Pawlett shot off the crossbar, and at the other end Jamie Langfield pulled off about three save of the season contenders — George Burley (now we know it's still you...) take note.

The team overall are still struggling to get used to the new system the new manager wants us to play, but it will come... we hope. And there are some glaring weak links that Mark McGhee will surely — SURELY — be noticing by now. If not, the fans — who have watched certain weak links for over ten years now — will begin to show their frustrations yet again.

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