The Scotsman SPL Fanzone Article Remixed - 18 March 2009

Last updated : 18 March 2009 By Stand Free Ed


It was good fun to see Jimmy Calderwood on a satellite sports news channel, acting as a pundit during the Old Firm's latest attempt to bore all neutrals into forgetting how much we hate them.

(Hang on - are football fans still allowed to say they hate rival teams, or has the English media's massive overreaction to Wayne Rooney's comments put paid to yet another bog-standard and previously-uncontroversial part of football?)

Jimmy's cheeky chappie act in the studio, with his headphones perched around his cheery dayglo fizzog, was enjoyable, and it's always good to see anyone bigging up the Dons on national telly - just maybe this will have endeared him to some of the still-cynical support.

Meanwhile on the pitch, and finally the Dons win a match. Poor though the game against Hamilton was, it was fairly comfortable.

Perfect timing. Going into a vital cup quarter-final replay on a long winless run would have piled pressure on the players and engendered impatience and possible panic amongst the paying public.

It didn't matter how Saturday's game was won, but 'Bebo' Maguire's terrific hit will hopefully lift the team to believe they can see off the Pars and make their second semi in successive seasons (not going to think about it, not going to think about it...).

That Hearts and United flopped at the weekend is an unexpected bonus that opens up the road to the SPL's third place again - our traditional good run to the split could see the top six games generating a lot of excitement... which is what the end of the season should be all about.

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