The Scotsman SPL Fanzone Article Remixed - 22 April 2009

Last updated : 22 April 2009 By Stand Free Ed


So, we enter the business end of the season and the manufactured excitement of the post split battle royal. With five games remaining almost everyone has something to play for and the SPL must be given credit for developing a system that guarantees meaningful grudge matches right to the death, even if the football on display will be a crippling anticlimax.

For Calderwood and Aberdeen, every remaining game is the proverbial six pointer with European qualification essential for JC to calm the troubled waters he's had to navigate in recent weeks. Jimmy's record against our top six opponents is a cause for concern, he's only won 12 points out of a potential 45 so far this season. He'll need performances from his big guns, especially those looking for lucrative new contracts. That's a mantra repeated time and again at this point in the season but with Calderwood's motivational abilities under scrutiny it will have an added significance to his career trajectory.

It's all to play for and it's still possible for a disappointing season to be salvaged but as all Dons fans are so regularly reminded, it's the hope that kills you.

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