The Scotsman SPL Fanzone Article Remixed - 29 October 2008


DESPITE Halloween coming up this Friday, I will try to keep this column free of any silly ghost-related puns.

Spooked by a run of five straight defeats, old Jack O'Lantern-head Calderwood has turned it around in the last two away games with four points to ward off the looming spectre of his P45.

Next Jimmy has to exorcise the demons that have haunted the team when they step on to the Pittodrie turf this season, and demonstrate to the fans that he can get the players to perform with some spirit - which they have done admirably in the last few games.

So will it be trick or treat on Saturday at home, where our form has been horrifying? The Dons have a decent record against Killie at Pittodrie under pumpkin-head, but if the players play in the zombie-like fashion that they opened the season they will incur the wraith of the fans again. And if the team doesn't start scoring some ghouls then the stadium could become a ghost town in weeks to come.