The Scotsman SPL Fanzone Article Remixed - 8 October 2008


On Saturday, the Dons played better than they have all season and lost to a goal that should have the linesman taken back to SFA HQ for reprogramming in the offside rule.

Yup, sometimes we'll play quite well and lose, sometimes we'll play poorly and win - that is football. Most are aware of this, as the lack of boos (and, indeed, some applause) at the end of the game demonstrated.

Not so on the messageboards or in the newspapers this week though, and it seems that the latest bout of hysteria is down to the run of defeats rather than Saturday's game. If you look at Saturday's game in isolation, we outplayed Hibs and were unlucky.

We were honking at the start of the season, no question about it, but after replacing half the squad in summer some passages of play in the last two games have shown that the new team is finally beginning to gel. We are steadily getting better, and the results will follow and we should climb the table. If they don't, then signings must be made in the next transfer window. If that doesn't change things, then is the time to look at the manager's position.