Aberdeen FC Board Restructure Puts Focus On Finance

The move comes as part of AFC's board of directors reshuffle announced today as the club prepares for the move to Loirston Loch.

Recently appointed Colin Welsh and Ian Jack will front two of the four new boardroom groups following Duncan Fraser's 15-month strategic review.

Welsh, of energy investors Simmons, will be in charge of the funding dept looking to attract investment.

Jack, who also comes from an oil and gas background as vice president of M-I Swaco, will lead up the operations dept which will focus on the day-to-day running of the club.

Dons chairman Stewart Milne will lead the stadium delivery group while AAM MD and former chartered accountant Little will head up football affairs.

Fraser told RedWeb: "This is a more modern way of running the buisness of a football club.

"I have spent a lot of time looking at sporting buisness in the United States and looking at how they are driven by sales and marketing.

"If we are going to move to this new stadium and have 16,000 people turning up on a regular basis, we are going to have to do things differently.

"In football parlance, the board shuffle will ensure every player is playing in their correct position."

Perhaps Fraser should mention that last part to Craig Brown...

Little, who has no football background outwith the AFC boardroom, effectively replaces AFC legend, former Dons captain, manager and DoF Willie Miller, who now is in charge of AFC's Youth Academy.

Little will work in tandem with Brown and Miller, but it is difficult to understand what input he will have to this area other than financial.