High flying Dons aren't feeling pressure

Docherty says his players are enjoying their start to the season and aren't worrying about the teams chasing them.

"I don't, at the moment, feel as if they're feeling that pressure," he said. "They're enjoying their football. When you're going into games feeling confident it's a great feeling and long may that continue.

"They're in a good place at the moment, training was buoyant, there's a good atmosphere, a feel good factor. But that only comes with hard work, wins don't just happen, you need to work hard.

"We've got a very good squad of players," he continued. "There's a real tight knit group in there, there's leaders, there's competitors, there's winners, and that's by design, it's not just happened.

"The boys are taking it in their stride, they're looking forward to every game, they're enjoying training and the next game can't come soon enough.